To find out the true sources of slavery, NWO, and terrorism we have to go deeper than the conventional mainstream academia and media. Belly dance, harem, FGM, homosexuality, bestiality, assassination, piracy, torture, terrorism, and usury are all Turkic practices.

The world must notice that only some countries are struck by rebels and mercenaries aka Jihadists.
These countries do not fall under any of the four Turkic forms:
1- Turkic Anatolia,
2- Turkic Persia, (fake Iranians),
3- Turkic fake Israelite (Jews),
4- Turkic rulers of Arabia, (fake Muslims)
5- Turkic Indians (fake Hindu Aryans), and
6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians)

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Yemen are good examples.
Once you submit to one of these 4 forms of Turkic evil you are no longer under attack.
Lebanon, Jordon, and Azerbaijan are also good examples.

The Ashkenazim and Sephardi are not Israelite, but with the Ottomans invented Zionism. Now, only pointing to them considered Antisemitism, although they are not Semites at all.
Those are the enemies of Hitler and the Nazis. And before them were the enemies of Alexander the Great.

East Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Iran, India, and central Asia were heavily enslaved long before Islam and Arabs. This was done by Turkic groups. The term “Slaves” was derived from “Sloven” then “Slavs”. The Arabs were Turkified and ruled by Turkic nomads before Moses. So, Arab slavery of Africa never existed. The genuine Arabs never left Arabia, and those who are called “Arabs” in Africa are not Arabs but Turkic settlers and invaders who moved to Africa from Arabia. Arab colonization and islamization are Turkic policies, they have nothing to do with Arabs and with Islam.

Even the transatlantic slavery was not done by Europeans or Arabs, they were Turkic businesses as it was in Andalusia (Iberia). The terms “Islamic” and “Eastern” were used as covers for the Turkic atrocities everywhere until now. They are not Islamic nor Arabic. They are Turkic.
Hitler and the Nazis were not Anti-Semitists but were actually Anti-Pan-Turanism.

Turkic Zionists are aware that the region is too small for their ambitions. They left this region for their Turkic rulers of Arabia for “Pan-Arab” empire is up to Morocco. The Turkic Zionists are only after the deep vast lands of Russia, this is the second Turkic empire of “Greater Israel”. While the third Turkic empire is left for the Turkic Anatolians to expand from Hungary to the borders with India and China and create “Pan-Tauran” empire. There is no overlaps or competition between Turkic Zionists, Turkic rulers of Arabia, and Turkic Anatolians. On the contrary, they are assisting each other to establish their own empire.
The Agenda of Pan-Turkism is Clear: To Distort Reality & to Effectuate the Takeover of Land. (Note: The Caspian Sea is called the

Islam during prophet Mohamed b. (622-632 AD) was not beyond the main Arabian Peninsula. But during the first three Caliphs, Abu Bakr (632-634), and Umar (634-644)(Assassinated), Uthman (644-656)(Assassinated) it went into invasions.

That was totally unacceptable to many believers but the Turkic elements encouraged such offensive military expansions.

The fourth Caliph Ali (656-661) (Assassinated) was the cousin of the prophet and he stopped that and carried out internal reforms and these were the main causes for the eruption of a brutal civil war throughout his rule (656-661) that ended up by assassinating him and killing most of this family.

By these killings the original Islam died upon birth and it was replaced by a fake Turkic militant cult calling itself Islam. This became the source of terrorism, colonialism, and heresy.

Turkic groups fought Zoroastrianism before the time of Moses and they used twisted Zoroastrianism to create their Turkic versions for the teachings of Zoroaster, Moses, Yeshua, and Mohamed. By these they invented the new “universal” imperial religions: Persian Zoroastrianism, Jewish Judaism, Roman Christianity, and Turkic Islam.

Those Turkic Turanians have different networks and forms, among them: 1- Turkic in Anatolia, 2- Turkic Khazar Jews (fake Israelite), 3- Turkic Persians (since the Achaemenid 550 BC), and 4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (following the death of Islam), plus Turkic Indians (fake Hindu Aryans), and Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians).

Most monarchies, bankers, and politicians in Europe are their making since the so-called English, French, American, and Russian “Revolutions”. These Turkic groups committed all sorts of crimes in Asia, Europe, Levant, Arabia, and Africa.

Tarig Anter

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