The main functions and objectives of are the following:

  1. Analyse, select and accumulate information about political, economical, military power, social demographic, law, environmental, technological processes of countries.

  2. Follow and analyse political processes, examine possible influence of these processes.

  3. To investigate and analyse political processes such as unions of countries or competition of their most important economic entities in order to acquire political influence and economic power.
  • give priority for process observation in the largest countries as having major influence in an international arena. Analyse and evaluate used measures such as finance, power, technologies, information and propaganda measures which are used to expand their direct influence.
  • carefully observe and analyse processes that are happening in countries affected by international terrorism and political instability and may have influence to general economic situation, including possible threat of great military conflict or wide-ranging economic crisis;
  • to observe and analyse processes that are happening in cross-border structures;
  1. To submit the conclusions of researches, observation and analysis on website. There are published the most important news, analytical articles prepared by experts, politicians, journalists and well-known public figures.


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